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The Harp
Location: Located on the south side of Piatza Unirii
Address: Piatza Unirii
Str. Bibescu Voda nr. 1
Description: Climb the sweeping staircase, and you enter different world, deep pile carpet underfoot, and rich dark wood, with large windows, and views across the square. This is where Bucharest's yuppie crowd come together, and some of the city's most beautiful women.
So whatever your fancy, a night out with the lads, or a sophisticated evening, the Harp can cater for your needs.

Open for breakfast, and closes around 2 am.

Credit cards accepted.

pictures & text courtesy
Tel: +40 1 335 6508
email: larkin@dnt.ro
What to eat: Chicken and Mushroom Pie
Cottage Pie
Fillet Steak Sandwich
Chicken Satay (Irish Speciality)
Steak and Kidney Pie
Chicken and Chips
Fish and Chips
Ham, Eggs and Sausage / Chips
Bacon, Eggs and Sausage / Chips
Pizza Margherita
Pizza Prosciuto & Calzzone
Pizza Speciala
Pizza with Tuna Fish
Pizza with Bacon and Flavoured Herbs
Pizza with Ham
Eggs and Tomatoes
Cheese and Tomatoes
Mozzarella and Tomatoes
Bacon, Salad, and Tomatoes
Greek Salad
Ham and Cheese
Toasted Cheese
Toasted Ham and Cheese
Toasted Bacon Sandwich
Tuna Fish with Mayonnaise
Chicken and Mayonnaise
Greek Salad
Dubliner Special Salad
1/2 Special Salad
Apple Pie
Apple Pie with Icecream
Apple Pie with Cream
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