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The Dubliner
Location: Located a short walk from Piatza Victoria
Address: Titulescu Street
Description: Comprising three rooms, and an outside terrace, the pub has seating for about 100 people, and the clientele is made up of a good mix of ex-pat's and locals.
The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and it's an ideal place for newcomers to meet people, and learn more about the ups and downs of Bucharest.
What to eat: Chicken and Mushroom Pie
Cottage Pie
Fillet Steak Sandwich
Chicken Satay (Irish Speciality)
Steak and Kidney Pie
Chicken and Chips
Fish and Chips
Ham, Eggs and Sausage / Chips
Bacon, Eggs and Sausage / Chips
Pizza Margherita
Pizza Prosciuto & Calzzone
Pizza Speciala
Pizza with Tuna Fish
Pizza with Bacon and Flavoured Herbs etc etc
Bacon, Salad, and Tomatoes
Greek Salad
Ham and Cheese
Dubliner Special Salad
1/2 Special Salad
Apple Pie with Icecream
Apple Pie with Cream
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