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Caffe Milano
Location: Caffe Milano is situated in Unirii Square, lcose to Unirii Shoping Centre
Address: Bucharest,
Dimitrie Cantemir 2-2A
Tel.: 021-335 64 09
0722 434 600
e-mail: info@caffemilano.ro
Description: Caffe Milano is an original Italian Restaurant & Coffee Bar
in Bucharest.
Its select atmosphere, traditional Italian food and
wines make it the perfect place for a business or romantic dinner.
From the first step inside, you realize this place is different.
It has a world of it own, with great service and Italian food.
It's a unique feeling when you are served almost as you reach
your table.
Please also visit www.caffemilano.ro
Pictures courtesy caffe milano
What to eat: Crostone Nostrano
Tagliere di Prosciutto e Fusilli Tonno e Piselli
Linguine al Pesto Genovese
Fusilli Tonno e Piselli
Linguine al Pesto Genovese,
Pizza and many many more.....

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