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Dent Art - Painless treatment!
Dental Surgery Room

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• Modern dental treatments
• Porcelain prosthetics
• Resistant and aesthetic photo-polymeric fillings
• Ultrasound removal of tartar
• Dental cosmetics, whitening the teeth
• Specialised treatments for children
• Preventive dentistry
• Oral surgery

Painless treatment!
• Expert dentists
• Relaxing atmosphere
• No pain
• Modern materials (De Tress, Kerr-Hawe, vivadent-ivoclar)
• High-tech equipment (Siemens)
• Punctuality, perfect hygiene and sterilisation

We can make it possible for you thanks to our team of specialists:
Dr Roxana Arion, specialist dentist, expert in oral implants
Dr Ingrid Atanasiu, specialist dentist
Dr. Luminita Oancea, resident dentist

We provide treatment to your liking.

Appointments by phone: 0722388389
Dorobanti Square
14 Putul lui Zamfir Street
Open: Monday – Friday 11 am – 19 pm
Dent Art - Painless treatment!


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