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Alpin Villa
Location: The villa is situated near Arieseni Village, Alba County.
Acces by car, on DN 75 national road.
Details: Ground floor - large dining saloon.
Modern bar, which can be used for anniversaries, family parties etc.
5 bedrooms with individual bathroom.
5 independent bedrooms with one modern shared bathroom with combined water heater.
Description: Big parking
Outdoor dining terrace
Central heating
Own farm, supplying with specific products.
Tents and specific hiking equipment for hiring.
Pets accepted
PRICE: 10 US$/pers.
2 US$/pers. breakfast
7 US$/pers. lunch
5 US$/pers dinner
Contact info:
54th, Horia Street, Campeni Village, ALBA County, code 3375
Phone: + 40 (0)258 771 915
Fax: + 40 (0)258 771 915
Mobile: + 40 (0)745 645 071
+ 40 (0)740 191 222

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